about me

My name is Robin and I’m an independent web-developer.
Like most I started with the frontend but quickly became interested in the backend.
Especially with WordPress I found the backend very interesting.
The flexibility and user-friendliness of WordPress comes at a price.
Don’t get me wrong; WordPress is an amazing platform!
All I’m saying is that not all plugins and themes are optimized well with speed in mind.
They tend to get bulky with animations, images and unused features which you can’t turn off.

The solution?
Lets be honest; there are a milion ways to fix this.
I decided that I want to explore the WordPress development some more and started to write my own plugins.
It’s exiting to learn something new every day and bringing those things into my coding.
When developing I try to focus on speed and simplicity.
In my opinion it’s all about finding a balance between user-friendliness and clean interfaces.
Finding the functions people are needing and actively using.

My goal
Creating truly modular plugins that are easy to use and easy to maintain.
Giving the end-user the choice of the functions that are using that precious ram-space.