Regular Hosting

Everything you need to setup a website! Choosing WordPress? The installer is preloaded on your new server so you can start right away.
This hosting-package includes all the basics and more. Most sites for small to medium buisnesses will run smoothly and fast on this server.

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Exclusive Hosting

Are you looking for a reliable and lightning-fast server to run your cloud applications or big webshop?
Are you ready to leap ahead of the competition? Than start using this server as your new secret weapon!

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Regular (not so regular) Hosting

So you are searching for a new hosting-provider for you website? I'm happy to help!
All those techy-terms might be hard to understand so I will try to keep it simple and fast, just like our hosting (see what I did there?).
Regular hosting might sound a bit dull but don't get me wrong, this is the right solution for most of the websites out there.
Why would you pay for more if you end up not using it?

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Exclusive Hosting

Can't find the perfect host for your next or current project? Please contact us so we can make you an offer you can't refuse!