Looking for a reliable hosting-solution for your blog or small to medium company site?
This might be the solution for you!

With the “Regular Hosting” package you will get the perfect basis to start building the website you need. Do you already have a site? Perfect, feel free to host it here!
In order to give you the best possible basis for your internet-needs, you will get some basic functionality included with this hosting-package.

Unlimited traffic

No limit on the amount of visitors that can access your site.

Virus protection

Basic virus protection build-in.


Automate your backups with an easy schedule.

Free SSL

Let’s Encrypt integration for easy renewable SSL-Certificates.

Git support

Native Git support for version-control.


Includes Cloudflare integration.

SSD storage

All data is stored on high-quality SSD’s for fast and reliable performance.


Create an instant copy of your current site for development-purposes.

Managing System

Monitor and manage your hosting with an clear interface.

Do you want to know more? Please check out the more detailed specs below!

Name your price.

I think it is important to fit your needs, since the price is one of them I would like to get in touch to make it benefit us both.

Dual Deca-Core 2.4Ghz processor


Unlimited bandwidth

1GB Fast SSD storage

CentOS based

MariaDB 10

PHP version 5.x or 7.x



Unlimited Subdomains

Unlimited e-mailadresses


Custom FTP accounts

SMTP, POP3 and IMAP support


Cloudflare CDN support

Hotlink protection

IP Filters

Redirect URL

Apache handles

MIME types

Cron Jobs

File manager



customizable Mod_rewrite and .htaccess