What is pentesting?

Technologies are changing fast and so are the risks. Instead of waiting for a vulnerability to be found and exploited on your website or service, a lot of companies are starting to test the security of their systems. Pentesting is the process of testing the security of the different systems that are in use. The goal of this test is to find these vulnerabilities, deliver a proof of concept, and report the findings to the owner. Please note that pentesting should always take place with the consent of the owner of the systems that are being explored.
By doing frequent pentests you can pro-actively secure and monitor your applications of websites. By knowing the weak points of your services, you can make sure these risks are minimized. This way you can keep doing what you do best and run your business.

Are there ways I can secure my site?

Everything that is publicly accessible like your website can be a potential security risk. Even when you don't have any IT-experience, there are still some best-practices you can follow to keep your website or services as safe as possible. To help you do this, we frequently write articles about these best-practices. Please feel free to use those to your advantage. Are you still having questions afterward, feel free to contact us!

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Best practises
Why you should probably get external help

Building and maintaining your site can be a lot of work. Finding the time to keep everything up-to-date and safe can be difficult due to the lack of time or knowledge. But even if you have an IT-partner that manages your website for you there can be risks. Sometimes potential security-risks get overlooked or simply ignored because of time, expertise, or expected risk. By getting an outsider to test your site, you will most likely get an unbiased insight into your site's security.