Advanced Settings


Version 1.1.3 Last updated: 08-01-2021

There are a lot of settings that can affect the performance of your WordPress-site. The Advanced Settings plugin gives you an easy overview of the settings that matter most to the average user. Ensuring your website is secure and fast.

This plugin is exclusively available for clients that use the regular-hosting solution. When this plugin is installed, your website will automatically get optimized for the hosting-package.

Besides the easy optimizations, this plugin also includes frequently used functions for all WordPress sites. This plugin includes:

Contact form

Almost every website needs one or more, a contact form. This plugin allows you to easily add contact forms to existing pages with a shortcode. The fields can be altered per page by using the build-in hooks. There is an extensive validation-system in place to keep your forms secure. By only loading to essentials, your forms will be fast and reliable.

reCaptcha integration

Spam is very common these days, luckily there is a service like reCaptcha to take care of this. At the expense of user-friendliness, you can prevent a lot of spam on your contact and registration forms. By using the official API you are ensured of a solid experience.

Image Optimization

No matter how fast your hosting is, images will almost always slow down the performance of your site. By integrating the API we can reduce the size of the images you are using without loss of quality. Just set it up with a few simple clicks and this application will do the rest. No need to do any advanced settings. If you want we can even remove meta-data to improve the size of the images even more.

Emails over SMTP

WordPress can send emails on your behalf, but these tents to get flagged as spam a lot. This is because they are sent using PHP without any verification from the domain they are sending from. To make sure that the domain does verify these emails you can set up an SMTP alternative. By using this all the emails WordPress sends are routed through your mail server, this dramatically improves the number of delivered emails.

Customer support integration

It does not matter if your hosting is fast and secure if your site is not doing what you want it to. To prevent that frustration we added a button to the top admin bar. Once you press this button you can answer a few simple questions to find out what is going on. If you want to this tool can also send a screenshot with your request. This way it makes it easy to debug.

Caching optimization for W3 Total cache

It’s not a secret that caching makes your site fast. But by delivering static pages instead of dynamic once, there can sometimes be problems. This module fixes a few small things to make sure your site can enjoy the fast speeds of caching without the drawbacks of a static page.