EDC Connect


Version 2.3.9 Last updated: 08-01-2021

The EDC-Connect plugin connects a WooCommerce store to the EDC-API.
This plugin has the following features:

The Connection

The EDC works with an API using XML. Once an order is paid, the necessary XML-data will be generated and send over an encrypted connection. Only the essential information is sent so the order can be processed. All customer information that is only important for invoicing will not be sent to the third party.

Test API

When implementing an API it is important to be able to test it before the orders get placed. This functionality is built-in, this way all the requirements can be tested before the connection goes live. On top of that does this plugin contain extensive error-handling measurements to notify and solve commonly encountered problems regarding user-input or server-timeouts.

Backorder management

There is always a risk of a product not being in stock, to make sure WooCommerce can keep up with the order-status of the order at the EDC, there is backorder management in place. This system will notify and register any order that is fully or partially unavailable. On top of that, it is possible to send an automated message with the WooCommerce email-template, to notify your customer about the item and the expected date if will be sent.

Since this plugin is custom-build for a customer, it will not be available for download. If you want to expand the reach of your WooCommerce store, please check out the Shopaholic for WooCommerce plugin.