Private Plugin Repository


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WordPress is a flexible system but once you start to manage bigger installations you start seeing the need for custom made plugins. This plugin allows you to create your plugin repository from which customers can download and WordPress can update the plugins that you distribute.

To do this, this plugin creates a custom post type where you can add your plugins, these will be visible in the repository. But you don’t only need the plugin te to be referenced, you also need a way to distribute the application that you wrote. To do this we integrated the GitHub API. By using a combination if this API and the GitHub webhooks, customers will be able to download your plugin from a private repository. This way your plugin will not be directly accessible from GitHub itself.

So now you have a way to reference and to distribute. There is still one more thing needed; a way to authenticate the update requests from other WordPress sites. This is handled by a licensing system that lives on your dashboard. You can easily create and remove licenses and add plugins to it.

Do you want to see this repository in action? You are looking at it right now! Click here to watch the complete repository.