Shopaholic for WooCommerce


Beta Version 0.9.3 Last updated: 26-02-2021

Meet Shopaholic for WooCommerce, an easy way to integrate your store with Google Shopping, Amazon, and Facebook from right within your WordPress backend.
Getting new customers to find you can be a daunting task. Your webshop can be fast, reliable, and well priced but a visitor has to find you first. No need to get out your wallet just yet, we have developed a plugin that integrates your WooCommerce webshop with some of the biggest platforms so you can get found.

Shopaholic Platforms:

– Google Shopping

Through the Google Merchant Center, you will be able to sync an XML-feed. This plugin will generate an XML file on a chosen interval to keep the information of your store up-to-date. Please keep in mind that it is best-practice to select the lowest interval that is acceptable for your use-case. This way you reserve bandwidth for more important tasks.

Only products that are marked as “in-stock” or “on-backorder” are added to this XML. The only thing you need to do is to make sure the identifiable information for each product is correct so Google can process these items. For the requirements please read the Google Shopping API documentation.

– Amazon

Please note: the Amazon integration is experimental, usage is at your own risk. Since the payment process is handled by Amazon it is important to keep the prices in sync, any errors in prices are your own responsibility.

This module allows you to sync your products to Amazon through the API. Once a product has been bought, a paid order will be generated in your backend and all outgoing emails from WooCommerce will be blocked. Any automation you integrated that happens after the payment is completed will still run. This allows you to keep automating this process and generate more income through a second channel.

– Facebook

Do you desire your products to be visible on Facebook? That is possible through this module. It uses the Facebook API to sync your products including the images to Facebook. Once someone clicks the link, they will be sent to your webshop so you can pick up from there. Since Facebook is incredibly popular, this might be the new marketing-channel you need.

Last but not least

Do you already have your customers but do you want to increase your conversion rate? Please check out our WooCommerce Optimize plugin. This plugin provides basic and advanced optimizations to keep your WooCommerce shop in good shape.