WooCommere Optimize


Beta Version 0.2.9 Last updated: 08-01-2021

Starting a webshop is easy and quick with WooCommerce. However, when your store starts growing it can have some problems. The goal of WooCommerce Optimize is to reduce the tiny tasks that are needed for speed and SEO optimizations. As a bonus, you also get the WebwinkelKeur integration in this package so you can display your reviews the way you want it. Worried about a feature that you are not going to use? No need, this plugin is fully modular meaning that deactivated features won’t eat your precious ram or processing power.

This modular plugin contains the following functions:

Database Optimizations

As your catalog grows, so does your database. Then it happens; your site slows down and you start searching for the answer. Unfortunately, the database is almost always the slowest part of your website. This means you will have to keep it in good condition en frequently remove junk from it. Once you activate the Database-module you can set your preferences and before you know it your database will be clean. And the best part is; there is you are just one toggle away from automatic your database maintenance. Please note that your database is very very important to your WordPress installation, that is why we recommend to always test your settings in a staging environment before you deploy it to your live site.

Yoast integration

Yoast might be one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress but when it comes to WooCommerce sites which automatically add products there is a drawback.

– Process new products

New products get an SEO score when they get opened since they are not opened when they are automatically added, no score is given. To fix this we wrote a little integration that periodically checks if there are new products that do not have an SEO score yet and automatically process these items. This way you can order your products by SEO score and start working on the items that need the most work. No more opening and saving all new products to find out what the new scores are.

– Generate focus keywords

To enhance the processing of new products, there is also an option to automatically set a focus keyword if none is set yet. This will give you a starting point from where you can start analyzing your content. Of course it much more effective to manually set a focus keyword, this is purely a temporary solution.

– Set main category

Yoast has great breadcrumb support but when you have added multiple categories Yoast selects the first category on the list to use as the breadcrumb. This can be fixed manually to set a primary category within your products dashboard, but why should you do this yourself? This plugin allows you to set primary categories automatically. Once you checked the categories that should always be ignored when setting a primary category (for example a parent category), we automate the rest. Once again skipping one more annoying step for you.

Product images default alt-texts

Alt-texts are important for the accessibility of your site and SEO. Additionally, they also act as a placeholder when your image can’t load. Since setting them is easily forgotten, we created a system that uses the information provided within the product-page to generate general alt-texts, removing the heavy lifting for you. Please note that setting one manually is almost always better, therefore this plugin will not overwrite any alt-text that is already present.

WebwinkelKeur implementation

WebwinkelKeur offers a solid review system for a webshop. Sadly it is only available for dutch webshops. Since this plugin is modular you won’t notice any overhead from this function when it is disabled.

Why not use the plugin from WebwinkelKeur themselve?
We noticed that a lot of additional data about your orders get send to WebwinkelKeur, to prevent this from happening we designed our application to only share the bare minimum to function. This way we prevent any unnessesary data from going to a third party.

However, once you enable this module you will be able to send review-requests for completed orders, set a delivery delay to account for shipping, and give the customer some time to use your product or service. Besides that, it is also possible to limit the review-request to only the first order of a client. Of course, it is also possible to disable the automated review-requests.

By now your review-requests are being sent and replied to, there is one more thing left; proudly show them on your site! This is possible due to a shortcode that will be available to you. Within the options page, you can also select different options for the layout of the reviews. Are you searching for a more advance integration, please feel free to use our hooks to modify the layout of the shortcodes to your liking. Did you create a look that others might like? Please feel free to send it in, maybe it will be a part of the plugin someday!

Image optimizer

Full-screen detailed images can look amazing but there can be one big drawback; page speed. Every image that is visible in your webshop must be downloaded. You probably have a reliable internet-connection but to improve conversion-rates it is important to optimize your pages for the visitor with the slowest connection. Optimizing your images can benefit your loading times and by proxy, your sales. As a rule of thumb, it is best practice to not use a picture that has a higher resolution than the maximum size it will be displayed at. Resizing these images will help a lot, but there is one more thing you can do!

By implementing the reSmush.it API you can optimize your images even more to increase your page speed. There is also an option to remove any meta-data from the image to save space. After your image is optimized, all your thumbnails will be regenerated to optimize them as well. This might take a little bit of time. Once all your images are well optimized you will be amazed about the performance gain!

This function is also available through the Advanced Settings plugin.

Advanced features

Advanced features modify core parts of your WooCommerce installation, please use these with care!
These contain the following features: