So you are searching for a new hosting provider for your website? Do you want to host a website for your small to medium company? Maybe our regular-hosting package is right for you.

Wordpress Development

WordPress is a powerful CMS but it can get slow when a lot of plugins are installed. I focus on minimalistic coding to keep your site running as fast as possible.


As the owner of a web-app or website, it's your responsibility to protect the private data of your customers. With Pen-testing we try to get access to your site to analyze and improve the security.

about me

Almost everyone uses the internet on a daily basis, we have come to rely on “always being connected”. However, we also experience slow or bad designed websites daily. The web is more crowded than ever and everything seems to be getting more and more complicated.
The solution? Minimize what your site does!
Of course, I'm not talking about the features that define your business or services, but do you really need that slick animation when a visitor sends a form? Let's get back to the essentials and optimize the way your site is distributed and experienced.